Montana Grafted & Grown Nursery Stock
Wholesale Grower, Consulting

The Canyonview Nursery is a small family run
business located at Corvallis, in the Bitterroot
Valley of Western Montana. Established in 1980,
our efforts are directed to the production of
quality, cold hardy fruit and ornamental trees.

Many of our varaties are currently under
production and represent many years of research,
trials and experience. Many selections are taken from
the antique orchards. These selections represent years
of breeding and evaluation in our northern regions.
Many are quite rare and unique.

Each tree is tagged indicating the
vartiety, rootstock, grade and bears a
"Grown in Montana" decal, we are sure
that your retail customers will be as
excited as we are with these custom,
Montana grown trees.

Visit us and see what we're doing that
nobody else is!